• Thomasville Bullgogs Emerge Victorious Against Pelham High School 62-49 on Saturday with the help of Shedrick Cooper, who scored 15 points. 
  • Claiming a 31-25 lead at the half, Thomasville Bulldogs put up points early in the game.  Thomasville solidified their lead in the third quarter, scoring 19 points. 
  • Cooper led the charge for Thomasville‘s offense, scoring 15 points, with five points during the third period. He also contributed two rebounds and one steal.
  • Reggie Perry went into double digits, scoring 14 points for Thomasville (5-for-8). Also helping the effort for Thomasville were Gregory Hobbs (9 points, 3 rebounds), Alex Perry (6 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal), Titus Wright (6 points, 4 rebounds), Jordan Willis(5 points, 3 rebounds), and Quindarius Thomas (4 points, 2 rebounds).  Perry was a big defensive contributor as well, racking up three rebounds and two steals.
  • Thomasville finished the game with 25 rebounds (12 offensive / 13 defensive) and six steals.